What we Offer

  • Daily Exercise for your Child’s Brain delivered to your Whatsapp ID / Email every Monday to Friday.
  • Solutions are delivered the same evening giving enough time for the child to solve the challenges.
  • Develop real world skills covering age groups 6 up to the age of 10.
  • Age appropriate challenges developed in collaboration with teachers and other education experts.
  • No app download, no website access and no passwords.The exercises along with the solutions are delivered to your Whatsapp / email every Monday to Friday.

How It Works



Select the plan that best suits your child.


Quick one-time registration with contact details and age details of the child.


That’s It! Start having fun along with your child.

Key Benefits for your Child

Logical Thinking

Logical Thinking

Fun and engaging exercises to connect different concepts for children of ages 6 to 10.

Real World

Exposure to Real World Problems

Real-world scenarios which are age appropriate and aligned with learning objectives

Cognitive Development

Cognitive Development

Our exercises help children use their reasoning, intelligence, language, and memory. 


Enhanced Confidence

Children became more confident / self-assured as they learn and complete new tasks and goals.

What our Customers Say

BrainGym Jr has been a great experience for my son. Vyom, my 6 year old looks forward to the challenges on a daily basis and has even started waiting for them. He feels that he is answering questions like older people and has started to read the time and add the bill when he goes shopping with me. This subscription is a must try for any parent who is looking to develop logical and reasoning skills for their child.

Mona Jain, Mom

The everyday exercises are phenomenal. Very well thought out and building in real questions that children will face, it gives them confidence to take on the real world at a young age. My daughter is learning to actually relate different concepts in solving the daily challenges that are presented. With ease of access and available on my Whatsapp, I can now actually spend productive time with my daughter wherever we are. I wish every child and every parent have exposure to this!

Soumya Agarwal, Mom

You are making concept learning interesting and simple for children. It is relevant as it includes real life examples that my son deals with on an everyday basis. He waits for the exercises every morning just like we wait for the newspaper!

Varun, Dad

Great concept. My daughter was getting bored of newspaper and magazine puzzles (apart from the everyday online classes of course!). With no apps to download and the exercises coming to us on Whatsapp, the ease of use is refreshing. Plus, creates playing/bonding time with her.

Radhika Mehta, Mom

Simple Pricing

Get Last Month's Exercises all at once! (In pdf format on your Email ID)

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Frequent Asked Questions (FAQs)

Please write to us from the e-mail ID you had given at the time of payment at contact@braingymjr.com and we will confirm receipt.

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