About Us

What do we do?

BrainGymJr is a child development initiative that supplements a parent’s effort to engage with children and sharpen their logic, reasoning, language and maths skills with simple real-life examples from our own environment.  We endeavour to help every child (between age 6-10 years) through a daily dose of simple and fun exercises with real-world scenarios which are age appropriate and aligned with learning objectives.

How does our service work?

The best part is that we keep it simple. We have a subscription model that offers a daily dose of 3 exercises which will typically take about 15 mins in total to solve. These come as a single email on the parent’s email address or WhatsApp number. We encourage every parent to discuss and challenge their child while catching a break or even at meal times. It engages and stimulates while subtly imbibing a simple discipline akin to reading a daily newspaper!  

Why should you subscribe with us?

We, at BrainGymJr strongly believe in the following

  • The power of building a strong foundation of real-world skills such as logic, reasoning, critical thinking
  • The importance of age appropriate facilitation to develop these skills
  • The sheer impact of developing these ‘as a habit’

Our approach is based on a host of research and science that confirms that children build a strong foundation of different skills at different stages of development. These are learned by building brain connections called neural pathways. The more these neural pathways are used, the stronger they get. We simply help you ensure the same by making it a fun, daily, habit!

Who are we?

BrainGymJr.com is a small team of like-minded individuals that want to make a difference. We believe in the power of learning beyond academia at an early age, to prepare the youth for a much stronger future.

BrainGymJr is founded and spearheaded by Vidur Garg, a veteran in the HR community with a technical background. Vidur, an MBA from XLRI and BIT from Delhi University, has been an integral part of the corporate world where his last stint was that of Chief Human Resources Officer in an education group spanning 4 countries. Vidur is also the founder of www.YourHRhead.com, a boutique HR services firm that supports start ups in setting up their people practices and policies that have a deep impact on culture. You can learn more about Vidur on LinkedIn or connect with him directly on Vidur@BrainGymJr.com